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ACI technical assistance’s objectives
• Reconciling trade and sustainable development
• Put responsible individuals back at the centre business development
• Support the development of a Social Solidarity Economy
• Invent new ways that can combine social welfare and economic efficiency
• Support any sustainable development progression
<< Bolivia: establishment of a fair international trading system for alpaca

Our strengths
• A professional experts network
• Capacity in acting locally and globally
• Professionalism and high-quality interventions
• Experience, methods and discretion
• Participatory and innovative pedagogy
• Force for bringing forward concrete proposals.
• Flexibility and adaptability
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Economic sectors
• Food
• Organic Food
• Industry
• Transportation Equipment
• Eco-mobility
• Energy and renewable energies
• Fair Trade

• Cosmetics and Essential Oils
• Textiles and clothing
• Arts and Crafts
• Human Services
• Construction and Eco - Construction
• Culture and Communication
• Education and Citizenship
• (non exhaustive list)